L-Store / Special Craft
- Dragon Belt has been added to L-Store. Price: 300 L-Coins. Daily purchase limit per account: 75 units.
- +4 Dragon Belt Pack has been added to Special Craft → Accessories → Enchanted Items. Price: Dragon Belt Pack - 25 units.

Random Book Craft

- The Random Book Craft system has been enabled. During this first stage, only 1-star and 2-star Spellbooks will be obtainable.
- You can read more information about this system in the following link:

Random Craft

- The following items have been added as possible Random Craft rewards: Grade A Weapons and Armor (and their coupons), Enchants Weapon/Armor Grade A, Armor Crafting Packs (Grade B and above), Cloth Piece. The chances have been adjusted to the current stage of the server.
- In the case of Armor Crafting Packs, the possibility of obtaining Special Armors has been removed until such items are added to the game.

Auto Augment

- Added Auto Augment function. Once in the Augment window, you can click on a button on the top right corner, switching to 'Automatic Augmentation'.
- An extra interface will open, in which you will be able to choose the bonuses you are looking for when augmenting. You can choose bonuses whether from one or both property lists.
- After selecting all bonuses you wish to obtain, from one or both Property lists, you can decide to enable or disable each of those lists. There's also a Strict Mode option available, which allows you to choose between stopping augmentation process when one option of one lists is obtained or one option of both lists is obtained.
- IMPORTANT: When a property whose value is higher than that of one of the selected properties, augmentation will NOT stop. Please ensure that you have selected all of the properties that you want to obtain.

Inspect Character

- Added Inspect function. This feature allows you to inspect the inventory (equipped items), passive skills, and collections of the character that killed you.
- To access such a window, when you die, you must click on 'Damage Taken', and whatever the last damage you have received, the 'Inspect' button will appear. Click there and the window will open.


- The enchant limit will be increased on the following items:
• Talisman of Aden +7 → +8
• Cloak of Protection +7 → +8
• Dragon Belt +4 → +6
- During this week, monsters will have a chance to drop Dragon Belt Pack, replacing the previous item (Package: Cloak of Protection).
- The design of the general User Interface will be updated.