- They will start from today. The fights will take place on Fridays and Saturdays, from 21:00 to 00:00 (server time).
- You can read all the info about our Olympiads system in the following link:

L-Store / Special Craft
- Package: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 1 has been added. Price: 600 L-Coins. Daily purchase limit per account: 40 pieces.
- +4 Talisman of Speed ​​Pack has been added to Special Craft → Accessories → Enchanted Items. Price: Talisman of Speed ​​Pack - 23 pieces.

Random Craft
- The chance of A-Grade items appearing as possible rewards has been increased.
- Life Stone Lv. 2 - Armor, Life Stone Lv. 2 - Shield/Sigil and Life Stone Lv. 2 - Weapon have been added as possible rewards. They are obtained in packs of 3 pieces.

Reroll Ticket System
- The XP penalty on rerolling will be reduced from -50% to -35% (of the character's total XP).

- The combination limit will be increased on the following item:
• Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 2 → Lv. 4.
- During this week, monsters will have a chance to drop Package: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 1, replacing the previous item (Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva).
- Fixed an issue with Fixed Cast Time skills not using Soulshots/Spiritshots.
- Fixed an issue with Spellbook: Spiritual Link and Spellbook: Avenger's Weapon, which could not be obtained through Random Book Craft.