L-Store / Special Craft
- Agathion Spirit Exchange Coupon has been added. Price: 100 L-Coins. Daily purchase limit per account: 225 units.
- +5 Agathion Packs have been added to Special Craft → Accessories → Enchanted Items. Price: Package: Agathion Pack (of the corresponding type) - 4 units.

Clan Dungeons - Epic Bosses
A new set of instances will be released starting next Monday!
In a next announcement, we will give you more information about these new instances.

- HP and stats of Epic Bosses (Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Baium) and their corresponding Priests have been increased. Their level has been increased to 82.
- Drop chance of Rare Accessories, Boss Weapons and Dolls Lv. 2 has been slightly increased on the previously mentioned bosses.
- Antharas level has been increased to 82.
- The enchant/combination limit will be increased on the following items:
Talisman of Eva +6 → +7
Agathion Ignis +7 → +8
Agathion Nebula +7 → +8
Agathion Procella +7 → +8
Agathion Petram +7 → +8
Agathion Joy +7 → +8
- Fixed an issue with Venir's Talisman Fragment (Sealed) not being able to be used on a Venir's Talisman Lv. 15 or higher.
- During this week, monsters will have a chance to drop Agathion Spirit Exchange Coupon, replacing the previous item (Reinforced Jewelry Box).