L-Coins boost weekend!
Starting from today's restart time, and until monday's restart time, L-Coins droprate will be increased. You will be able to farm L-Coins 25% faster! (up to 81.000 L-Coins per day).

Special Hunting Zone: Frost Lord Castle has been enabled
- More info:

Event: Magic Inside will begin
A good oportunity to obtain Spirit Evolution Stones and Elixirs!
- Event duration: December 16 - December 30
- More info:

New Adventurer's Welcome Kit, filled with useful items to make your starting journey through Innadril South America more enjoyable!
- Contains:
• Enhanced Growth Pack Lv. 55 (Time-limited)
• Support Box: Talisman Bracelet Lv. 4 (Time-limited)
• Support Box: Brooch Lv. 4 (Time-limited)
• Support Box: Agathion Bracelet Lv. 4 (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +6 Talisman of Aden (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +6 Cloak of Protection (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +6 Dragon Belt (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +6 Talisman of Eva (Time-limited)
• Support Box: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 3 (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +4 Talisman of Authority (Time-limited)
• Support Box: +4 Circlet of Hero (Time-limited)
• Adventurer's Jewel Kit (Time-limited) (contains Jewels Lv. 6)
• Adventurer's Agathion Kit (Time-limited) (contains +6 Agathions)
• Sayha's Cookie - 1000 pcs.
- The Enhanced Growth Pack provides you of XP Lanterns as you level up!

Giran Seal Shop
- For those who have been unlucky when enchanting a certain item, already enchanted (or compounded) items have been added to the Giran Seal Shop, through the Special Craft → Events and Offers.
- Only one piece of each item can be purchased per account.
- Items' prices are calculated according to their rarity and difficulty to be obtained, minus a discount!

Random Craft
- Boss' weapons have been added as possible rewards. Chances are set according to actual server's stage.

- Reroll XP penalty has been reduced from -20% to -10% (of your total character's XP).
- Droprate of several Epic Bosses has been increased.
- Behemoth's HP has been increased.
- Ultimate Behemoth has been enabled.
- Enchant/Compound limit has been increased for the following items:
• Talisman of Authority +7 → +8.
• Venir's Talisman Lv. 28 → Lv. 30.
- During this week, monsters will have a chance to drop Reinforced Jewelry Box, replacing the previous item (Package: Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 1). The amount of obtainable items per day will be increased by 50% from it's original value.